Make Your Next Group Event Dazzle

With over 60 mind-tantalizing exhibits, the Paradox Museum is the ultimate destination to plan a group experience that is fun, engaging, and surprising! Our venue is perfect for all kinds of group events, including unique friends' get-togethers, family fun days, school reunions, parent and kids association events, and work colleagues outings, just to name a few.
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Engage All Their Senses: Experience the entire museum with all their senses.
Explore and Learn: Be challenged by and learn from fascinating concepts.
Delve into the Mind: Discover how our brain and senses can be tricked by a combination of visual and tactile stimuli.
Understand Paradoxes: Be introduced to world-famous scientific ideas and paradoxes.
Interact Fully: Enjoy a fully interactive experience with our exhibits and each other.
Create Lasting Memories: Have so much fun making lifetime memories and snapping photos!

In order to maximise your visit, please note:

  • Group events are scheduled for 11 people or more.
  • Visits are typically scheduled for up to 90 minutes. Please speak with our team to adjust this to your group’s needs.
  • A non-refundable 50% deposit is required upon booking.
  • Final payment must be made in advance of arrival

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